Author Guidelines

Below are the journal policies and guidelines that apply to all the listed ShahidiHub International Journals.

Manuscript Submission Procedure:

All manuscripts (Word Document format) are submitted on the website submission page; but it can also be emailed with details on the specific journal to the Managing Editor:

Those manuscripts send through the online portal receive an automatic reply notification that their submission is successful. While those manuscripts send through Gmail account will receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours.

In cases where the paper is written by multiple authors, we accept a maximum of two corresponding authors.

By submitting a paper to ShahidiHub International Journal, the author(s) agrees that the work is of the required quality, original, and that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person/entity. Also, the author(s) agree that the material is not published or under review for publication in another place. The author(s) also agree that ShahidiHub Publishing has the right and authority to publish and publicize the article.


Review/ Editorial Process and Policy

Quality and Originality Check:

  • After the paper has been received, it is subjected to an anti-plagiarism check. If the paper is found to be plagiarized, it is rejected, and immediate notification is sent to the author. If the paper is plagiarism-free or with manageable levels of similarity index (below 15%), an acceptance note is sent to the author and the paper moves to the next level of review.

  • The paper is also screened to ascertain its appropriateness regarding quality, arrangement and completeness, linguistic quality, relevance, and stipulated formats. Incomplete files/papers cannot be processed. linguistic quality.


Peer Review Process:

  • Then the Managing Editor deletes the author’s details (for blind review), codes the paper, and assigns it to two of our reviewers. (The details of the author are not revealed to the reviewers, and vice versa).

  • The Reviewers are given a maximum of 10 working days to go through the document and provide feedback.

Feedback from Reviewers:

  • The Reviewers submit the reviewed paper with comments to the Managing Editor, who then makes a decision based on the comments. The possible editorial decisions are: “accept,” “revise,” “reject.”

  • These editorial comments are sent to the Chief Editor who finally gives his decision based on the Reviewer’s comments. (In a case where reviewers differ in their opinions, the Chief Editor may take the opinion of 3-4 reviewers for fairness).

  • The author is given a chance to make corrections as per the reviewer’s comments.

  • Editorial comments are not intended to overhaul the objectives of the paper but to improve the arguments and refine the scholarly contribution of the paper.


Submission of the Corrected Manuscripts

  • After revising the paper, the author resubmits the paper.

Cross-Checking Process

  • The Managing Editor confirms to see if the author has reworked on the paper based on the reviewer’s input. If the Managing Editor finds out that the author did not revised the paper in light of Reviewer’s comments, the paper is forwarded back to the author for correction.

  • Again, for the second time after revisions, the paper is taken through a plagiarism check to ascertain the current level of similarity index.

  • Paper can only pass this stage when the Reviewers, the Managing Editor, and the Chief Editor are convinced that the manuscript meets all the stipulated requirements and is ready for publication.


Publication: A paper is immediately published (or within 24 hours) when the review process has been approved to be complete, and when it is ascertained that the author has revised the manuscript based on the reviewer’s comments. The author is notified of the publication through the registered email. The publication certificate is sent to the author immediately the paper is published, and in some cases when the manuscript has gone through the first round of review and accepted for publication.


Note that:

  • A paper can be rejected at any stage should the author fail to make the recommended corrections.

  • The Chief Editor ensures that all comments and suggestions given are fair and without bias.

  • The speed of the process partly depends on the Reviewers’ speed but mainly on the author’s ability to quickly respond to the editorial comments.

  • ShahidiHub Publishing strives to make the review reports available as quickly as possible (we ensure that it is within five working days, unless there are other unforeseen factors).

  • The Editorial Board competitively vets individuals who serve as reviewers for ShahidiHub International Journals.

  • Apart from monitoring the progress of the paper(s) through the review process, we regularly communicate and closely guide our authors through process.

Evidence of Peer Review

The author is provided with at least two reviews of their articles with comments after the process is completed.


Conflict of Interest Policy

We recognize that a conflict of interest may arise in a case where an Editor(s) (Managing Editor, and or Chief Editor) and/or members of the Editorial Boards submit papers in any of our journals. The peers in the team are also advised to uphold high levels of integrity and professionalism in their work. Also, to mitigate and minimize the impact of conflict of interest, ShahidiHub Publishing has put in place the following stringent measures:

  1. Where the Managing Editor submits a paper in any of the journals- in this case, the Managing Editor sends the paper directly to the Chief Editor of the respective journal. This also applies where a paper is submitted in which the managing editor is a co-author. The Chief Editor then handles the process as Managing Editor and makes no correspondence to the author. The paper is sent to the Reviewers who return reports to the Chief Editor and the Chief Editor treats the author like any other. The Chief Editor requires that all corrections be considered and ensures due diligence is observed during the entire peer-review process.

  2. In a case where the Chief Editor submits a paper in any of the ShahidiHub International Journals, (or where a paper is submitted as a co-author), the Managing Editor handles the whole process by appointing a member of the Editorial Board as Chief Editor, to guide the process.

  3. In a case where a member of the Editorial Board submits a paper in a journal they are serving as reviewers- the Chief Editor must ensure that the concerned person is not assigned to review his/her paper, and must ensure that the double-blind peer review policy is strictly adhered to. In all the processes, due diligence must be observed to ensure papers are published without the conflict of interest comprising on the quality of the work, and reputation of the company. We advocate for the highest ethical standards of publications.


Plagiarism Policy- We ensure that all papers submitted to our journals are scanned for plagiarism, and the plagiarism report is shared with the author(s). We accept and allow authors to proceed to the review process if the similarity index is below 15 % with the promise from the author to reduce this in the review process. ShahidiHub Publishing applies a very strict approach to matters related to academic dishonesty.